Softsend: Put Your Big Data to Work


Put your big data to work!


Softwhite”s Softsend mass emailing tool for the office has grown up. Emailing was where we started with this product, but the list of features is bigger and better.

Email Campaigns

  • Easy-to-use interface for developing email campaigns
  • Centralized location of email distribution lists
  • Historical record of all emails sent
  • Mechanism for users to securely retrieve passwords and other sensitive information
  • Self-service profile editing
  • Visual template editor
  • Template “snippets” to easily insert reusable sections
  • Image manager


  • Orders
  • Locked inventory or open-carton buying
  • Pooled buying
  • Goods exchange
  • Coupon generation and tracking
  • Point of sale record keeping


Subscriptions and Membership Tracking

Event/Project Management

  • Add events and activities to a calendar
  • Manage individual and group attendees
  • Track activity teams (teachers or project managers or chaperones)
  • Self-service sign-ups
  • Expense and income tracking
  • Ticketing with self-service mechanism and barcoding for event check-in
  • Email alerts to your team based on system activity
  • Reminder emails
  • Document attachments and automated distribution

Softwhite is offering limited and very competitive pricing. The first 30 days are free with no obligation to continue. After that the price for the first year is $25 per month with up to 2,000 emails per month and up to 1,000 members/subscribers and up to 500 texts. All features are included, so use the ones that pertain to your use cases. Contact me for more details.

Send a lot more emails than that or have more subscribers? Inquire about pricing. This system is built on the Amazon web services platform and can scale to fit your needs.

Please reply to this email and request a trial. I will be happy to assist you during on-boarding.

Need help creating stunning templates and custom landing pages? Want integration with your existing public facing web site? No problem! Building sophisticated, data-driven web applications is what I do and love.

Need an integrated marketing plan or sophisticated design help for collateral or email templates? I work extensively with long-time website developers – a New York-based agency that has been designing beautiful, results-oriented, cost-effective websites for more than 22 years.

This platform provides a valuable self-service tool set that can be quickly adapted to your business or organization workflows or can serve as the basis for a complex, data-driven front end.

There are many ways to extend the basic concepts this app sets out as a starting point:

  • Membership and event management; barcoded ticketing and day-of check-ins
  • Work crew scheduling and notification engine (email and text message support) with materials manifests
  • Donation, event, membership, and cost tracking for non-profits
  • Meeting and agenda management
  • Click-through promotions with links, coupons, and custom landing pages from emails, web pages, and social media
  • Workflow metrics and process data absorption: measure service level agreement compliance with emailed warnings
  • Administrative tools for managers to monitor employee and vendor workflow timeliness
  • Work journals

What”s your use case? Let”s get together and make your business better!


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Sandy’s Lessons

Softwhite is located on Long Island. As you know by now, Long Island got wupped hard by Sandy.  Many people lost homes and have suffered.  Some are still suffering.  I live on Long Island as do some of Softwhite’s personnel.  I lost power for 8 days at my home but my house was not damaged and no one was hurt.  Nor were any of Softwhite’s staff’s homes or loved ones harmed. Others are much less fortunate.  100 or so people died in this storm and countless are now homeless.

The day after the storm, Long Island and surrounding communities could not physically go to work. In fact no one could work at all. 90% of the power customers on Long Island lost service. Cell phone service was poor to non-existent. Street lights were not working; power lines were down; the stock market did not open for two days. Several client locations were flooded.

This is what happened next and what I learned from this storm.

Day One of Sandy

The Softwhite data center is fully operational with the exception that the main email server is offline. Softwhite’s inbound email is stored in a server in California, yet sending and receiving of email is held up and some of our client web sites are down. Our policy is honesty and transparency and we are going to report what we know as soon as we know it.  We post a bulletin on our web site landing page acknowledging the issue and promising to post updates.

No contact from clients who are dealing with their own efforts to stand things up. We are all dealing with no power at home, no way to make phone calls and an inability to travel too far from our homes.

Day Two of Sandy

Softwhite’s Lead Network Technician (who is also without power at home) and I meet at the data center facility and we go to work. What we find makes us feel foolish. The data center is powered and sustains no damage. The unresponsive email server is cut off from the internet because our T1 links are down. Power is out somewhere along the way between the Telco Central Office and our location. We feel foolish because we have a 6Mbps fiber optic link which is fully operational. We spend the next few hours moving network interfaces and making the necessary DNS changes.  By 10:30 am, all servers and services are functioning. Email begins to flow.

The Lessons

Email is more important in an emergency than phones.  Communicating with employees and loved ones is critical. One day after the storm, Softwhite restored full services to its customers. Files were backed up off location and safe. The mail was cached in a 4 day queue window. Recovery was in process. This is good, just not good enough.

Softwhite’s disaster recovery procedures were tested and we learned about reacting in a natural disaster. Should there be a next time, we will be more prepared. Should there be a next time, we won’t be at the mercy of a mail server.  Should there be a next time, we will swing over to the backup servers immediately and then go to work restoring regular service.  Next time, we will be better.


Windows Surface?

This is about business.

I’ve been using the iPad for about 8 months now.  I use it because it is easy to carry, it does not require boot time when I wip it open in a meeting, and it fits on my lap in the train.  The graphics are pretty.  I like reading magazines on it.  The email client is passable.  I consume information.  Am I in love though?  I don’t think so.  Does the iPad help me do work?  Beyond email and document review, not really.  I don’t produce much with my iPad.  I can’t share Office documents from the business universe.

The iPad is interesting to me but also frustrating.  It’s a little too coy for my taste, always looking at itself in the mirror but never getting down to doing the dirty work.  It allows me to leave my laptop in the bag on the train, not much more.

Behold Windows Surface!  I have no opinion on this device so far other than what I am gleaning from the press.  I am thinking of buying one.  Office docs.  Good RDP.  Snap on keyboard. USB drive.  These things are all calling to me despite the lack of 4G.

Jaron Lanier and the creeping entropy of our connected world

Jaron Lanier’s book You Are Not A Gadget is worth the read.  He calls it a manifesto and as such it is unattainable, but it forces the reader to consider the sinister implications of how the internet’s information is monetized (even as we cherish the illusion that most of the information on the internet is “free”).

I think this book can help non-technologists understand the accumulating perils of lock-in, the creeping entropy of our connected world.

Wow, that sounds dark!  But like Lanier, I am enamored, enthralled by, or in thrall to–pick your poison–technology and the smart dissemination of information.  Lanier is funny and entertaining too.  When he is interviewed on TV, the co-panel smiles nervously as he talks.  They have not read his book.

Speaking of lock-in, I really need to go back to thinking about Eclipse and the Google version of Oracle’s java…

Jaron Lanier in the Microsoft Lab

Really interesting article in The New Yorker (July 11 & 18, 2011) on the fascinating and complex Jaron Lanier.  With people like this guy in the lab at Microsoft, reports of that company’s growing irrelevance may be premature.   He was one of the luminaries behind Kinect.

Documents Are Dangerous

Information risk officers all over the corporate landscape woke up one morning recently and realized the document is at large, it has escaped, and it is not secure

A random thought on MVC

MVC is for lovers of http

Welcome to the Softwhite technology blog!

Our contributors will post their thoughts perdiodically on all things technologic, particularly as applicable in the finnancial space.  We are interested in more than platforms and design patterns (though those areas will certainly not be off limits).  We will delve into conceptual matters such as work flow; technology frameworks that work for and address the work flow; security; compliance; solving supply chain issues; and much more.